Danone North America

Leading the Industry to Change the Course

Danone North America has partnered with BEF since 2009 to support water restoration projects and balance their unavoidable water footprint. They were the first Charter Sponsor of Change the Course (CtC) and have balanced billions of gallons of freshwater over the course of this partnership. Since 2018, Silk and other Danone N.A. brands have balanced 100% of their manufacturing water footprint.

How They Inspire

Danone N.A. brands have engaged their customers and stakeholders to join them in helping to Change the Course. Silk and Oat Milk packaging reflected Danone N.A.’s support for Change the Course, encouraging customers to pledge to conserve water. CtC restores 1,000 gallons of water for each pledge made.

At Sustainable Brands, Danone N.A. used their booth to activate the Life Without Water is Awkward campaign, demonstrating their water sustainability commitment to industry peers and inviting them to join the movement. This engagement included panel talks from Danone N.A. staff and other CtC partners. Danone N.A. has also leveraged CtC for employee engagement around Earth Day and World Water Day, as well as supporting multiple field trip experiences to learn more about the restoration projects they support.








Danone N.A. sponsored CtC chalk art installations in Chicago’s Union Station that inspired individuals to pledge to conserve water.

The Impact They’re Making

Danone N.A.’s support has facilitated 28 freshwater restoration projects across the U.S. and Mexico to improve water quality, increase groundwater recharge, and optimize water use efficiency. To address nut and dairy sourcing in California specifically, the company has supported the San Joaquin Valley Groundwater Recharge and  Dairy Water Quality Improvement projects.

Additional Danone N.A.-supported projects throughout the U.S. include the Sacramento River Wetlands and Upper Dotta Meadow in California, the Upper Rio Grande Flow Restoration in Colorado, Caddo Lake in Texas, and the Middle Deschutes River in Oregon.

CtC Charter Sponsor
8.7 billion
of Water Restored Since 2009