Change the Course brings together corporations, conservation organizations, and the public to raise awareness about freshwater, reduce water footprints, and ensure clean and reliable water for rivers, commerce, and communities.

How It Works
Sponsors Fund

water stewardship projects (click here) in geographies material to their operations or supply chain

We Restore

water quality or quantity to rivers, aquifers, meadows or lakes with local partners

People are Inspired

to conserve water through sponsor activation of Change the Course messaging, tools and tips

It’s a virtuous cycle of education, conservation and restoration – and it’s working.

Progress to Date

diverse companies engaged in a collective impact model


NGO partners funded to fuel their efforts


Water stewardship projects supported across 22 US states, Canada, Mexico and select international locations.

Join Us
Become a Change the Course sponsor and…
Accelerate the Movement
Securing our freshwater future requires a full team. Join the broad group of companies working to drive change through environmental water stewardship.
Unlock Impact Potential
Make a meaningful difference outside your operations and four walls. Support water projects that aid in long-term livable communities and a more sustainable water future.
Exceed Reporting Objectives
Perform and report at the top of the class. Whether sharing in individual CSR Reports or through LEED, CDP, Alliance for Water Stewardship, or the UN CEO Water Mandate, investing in water stewardship helps you hit the mark.
Activate Others
Tell your water stewardship story. Leverage the Change the Course brand through a sponsor toolkit, marketing support, and water facts & tips, to create unique and compelling employee, consumer and fan activations.