Cascade is committed to encouraging customers to save water in their own homes and supporting larger water restoration efforts. This is why Cascade has chosen to join Change the Course (CtC) and help restore water to water-stressed areas across the United States.

Through this program and partnership, the brand will contribute millions of gallons of freshwater to critically dewatered rivers and wetlands in the Western United States. Learn more about Cascade’s ongoing commitment to advocate for responsible water consumption here and the company’s “Do it Every Night” campaign here.

How They Inspire

Cascade has been helping Americans get clean dishes since the 1950’s, when four percent of US households had dishwashers. The fast-moving world of household innovations was just in its beginning stages, and Cascade stayed at the forefront for the next 50 years by developing a range of automatic dishwashing products perfect for a variety of families, needs, and lifestyles.

The brand has a long history of commitment to resource efficiency, and continually innovates to improve dishwashing while reducing water consumption. In fact, Cascade was the first brand to create a detergent that allowed people to skip pre-rinsing dishes before loading them into the dishwasher.

Learn more about how Cascade is busting the myths about the efficiency of water use, energy, and time here.

Join Cascade’s latest #ReThinkTheSink effort. For every share, @MyCascade will help restore 50 gallons of water to water-stressed regions across the U.S. in partnership with @ChangeTheCourse, up to 80 million gallons. Visit to learn more.

In celebration of Earth Day, Cascade is hosting an activation with Walmart in which 20 gallons are restored for each Instagram “Like” with a water conservation message for a certain time period.

The Impact They’re Making

Cascade’s project portfolio will restore over 2.6 billion gallons over the lifetime of the projects:

2.6 Billion
Gallons of Water
Restored over the lifetime of projects