ECOTEAS is an independently-owned tea company based in Ashland, Oregon that focuses on organic yerba mate sourced from a single family farm in Argentina. Founded by three life-long friends in the year 2000, ECOTEAS was born of the belief that conscious business has a role to play in restoring balance to the earth and our bodies. ECOTEAS became a Change the Course (CtC) sponsor through the purchasing of Water Restoration Certificates (WRCs) since 2008. Their unique sponsorship program seeks to balance the water their customers use to steep the tea they sell.

How They Inspire

Every time a customer brews a cup of ECOTEAS, the company works in partnership with Change the Course to put a cup of water back into the rivers that flow near their home base in Oregon.

The Impact They’re Making

Since 2008 ECOTEAS has balanced nearly 12 million gallons of water to projects in Oregon including the Middle Deschutes River, Evans Creek and Sevenmile Creek. ECOTEAS is grateful for the opportunity CtC has provided for them to give back to the earth and the community.