Major League Baseball

Hitting a Home Run for American Rivers

Major League Baseball is committed to making a positive impact in areas that are important to fans, communities, and society at large. In sunny Arizona, that means making wiser use of the state’s scarcest resource: the water that keeps baseball diamonds green, communities thriving, and players and Spring Training fans hydrated.

Every year since 2014, MLB has partnered with Change the Course to balance the environmental footprint of the sport’s biggest games.

How They Inspire

During Cactus League Spring Ttraining in 2018, MLB not only balanced their water footprint, but also invited fans in Arizona  to “pitch in” by considering ways to conserve water in their daily lives to help keep rivers and taps flowing for years to come. For each fan who made this commitment, another 1,000 gallons of water were restored to Arizona ecosystems.

The Impact They’re Making

Since 2014, MLB has supported projects that have benefited freshwater ecosystems in five states across the American west. To date, MLB’s support has restored 12,650 million gallons of water across North America.

During the 2018 Spring Training season, MLB – along with all Cactus League Clubs – pledged to balance the water used at all 255 Cactus League games, restoring five million gallons of freshwater to Arizona’s Verde River.

12.7 million
of freshwater restored since 2015