National Hockey League

Playing It Forward for Freshwater

Hockey needs ice. And ice needs water. It’s on frozen freshwater across North America that kids, athletes, and fans hone their skills and develop a love for the sport. Freshwater fuels the game, the arenas, and the fans themselves.

That’s why the NHL has partnered with Change the Course since 2011 to protect and restore the freshwater resources we all depend on. These efforts represent a first-of-its-kind commitment that sets the stage for hockey cities to prosper and for every season to end with a game seven played on fast, clean ice.

How They Inspire

Through the Gallons for Goals program, The NHL restored 1,000 gallons of freshwater to depleted rivers and streams for every regular season goal scored. Additionally, the League and certain clubs are used their tremendous influence to help raise water awareness and encourage conservation among thousands of fans. For each fan who pledged to conserve water in their daily life, an additional 1,000 gallons of water were  restored.

The Impact They’re Making

Beyond the Gallons for Goals program, the NHL has balanced 100% of the water footprint of the NHL Green Games and Stanley Cup Final with Water Restoration Certificates® (WRCs). WRCs match gallon-for-gallon water use by supporting on-the-ground projects to improve flows and water quality in freshwater ecosystems across North America. By building awareness, conserving water in arenas, and helping improve the condition of our watersheds, the NHL is using all its resources to positively influence the water future of our sport—and our communities.

To date, the NHL has provided leadership and innovation, helping restore over 80 million gallons of freshwater to ecosystems in need.

80 million
of freshwater restored since 2011
of the water footprint of past Stanley Cup Finals balanced