Making Water Savings Sexy

Reformation believes that companies should be accountable for more than just profits. They are committed to making fashion-forward clothes with a smaller environmental footprint. They work hard every year to reduce their impact and save more water, and what they can’t save, they balance. Reformation has partnered with Change the Course since 2015 to balance their manufacturing water footprint and restore freshwater to ecosystems across their home state of California.

How They Inspire

In 2017, Reformation launched The Wet Program and activated Change the Course to allow customers to join their sustainability mission. For each pair of ref jeans sold, an additional 1,000 gallons of freshwater was restored.

They also generated visibility for the campaign and their freshwater contributions via an Instagram campaign that highlighted both their jeans and the San Gabriel River, which supplies much of Los Angeles’ water supply.

In the end, Reformation customers helped to restore an additional 10 million gallons of freshwater.


The Impact They’re Making

Every year since 2015, Reformation has balanced their entire operational water footprint with Water Restoration Certificates that support water restoration projects throughout the Central Valley in California. Projects include The Nature Conservancy’s restoration of the Kern National Wildlife Refuge in Kern County, CA, and the National Forest Foundation’s work to improve water quality in the San Gabriel River. As of 2019, Reformation’s contributions have restored over 122 million gallons of water to California ecosystems.

Kern National Wildlife Refuge
122 million
restored to California ecosystems
production water footprint
balanced since 2015