Leading companies to Change the Course

Silk knows that Water Connects Us All, it’s why the brand…

  • Became the first Charter Sponsor of Change the Course – inspiring other companies to join and keeping their commitment year after year
  • Is one of the first to balance its manufacturing water use
  • Has been restoring water where they manufacture products or source ingredients to help enhance, restore, and sustain healthy rivers, lakes and wetlands since 2009
  • Is teaming up to protect California’s national forests from catastrophic wildfire, because a healthy forest contributes to reliable water

How They Inspire

Silk and their parent company Danone North America have been engaging their team members and their customers in their water conservation and restoration messaging since they began sponsoring Change the Course.

From creating a chalk art installation of the Colorado River in Chicago’s Union Station, to inviting corporate sustainability leaders to join them by recognizing Life Without Water is Awkward, to incorporating water sustainability messaging on-pack, on social, and even taking team members to visit a project to learn more about what they have supported, Silk has been integral to creating a collective action movement side by side with Change the Course since the beginning.


The Impact They’re Making

Silk has supported projects that keep rivers flowing; replenish groundwater; restore meadows; improve water quality; and increase water supply reliability. Silk will continue to support a portfolio of projects across the country, including regions where they manufacture products or source ingredients. Projects include:

CtC Charter Sponsor
9.5 Billion
Gallons Restored
Since 2009
Projects Supported
States Impacted