Coors Seltzer

Restoring 1 billion gallons across America's Rivers

Coors Seltzer is a hard seltzer with a mission to restore America’s Rivers. To do this, Coors Hard Seltzer is partnering with Change the Course (CtC) to support a portfolio of on-the-ground water projects that help sustain healthy, flowing rivers across the country that provide clean water to wildlife and millions of people.

How They Inspire

For each 12 pack of Coors Hard Seltzer purchased, 500 gallons of clean water to America’s Rivers will be restored. Coors Hard Seltzer estimates that the projects they support will restore one billion gallons of river water across 19 rivers and 15 states in the next year alone. Learn more details about the campaign here.

“Americans are drinking an astounding amount of hard seltzer, but it’s not doing much good. With the launch of Coors Seltzer and its Volunteer Program, we’re setting out to provide a seltzer that tastes good and also gives drinkers an opportunity to do good with each and every sip,” said Matt EscalanteMolson Coors’ senior director of above premium flavors. Read more about the official Coors Seltzer launch here.

Credit: PRNewsfoto/Molson Coors

The Impact They’re Making

Coors Hard Seltzer has identified the following river basin,  states, and on-the-ground projects to meet their goal.

1 billion
of Water Restored
River Basins