Coors Seltzer

Restoring 3 Billion Gallons Across America's Rivers

Our rivers play a vital role in society, and with 80% of America’s largest rivers drying up, Coors Seltzer decided to create a product with a purpose to help ensure that rivers across America remain vibrant and sustainable, today and long into the future.

To do this, Coors Seltzer partnered with Change the Course to protect and restore the waterways that provide clean water to wildlife and millions of people in communities across the country.

How They Inspired

Coors Seltzer launched with a mission to restore America’s rivers. They wanted to create a simple way to enjoy good times and give back at the same time.

For each 12-pack of Coors Seltzer sold, they committed to
restore 500 gallons of fresh water to our rivers.


The innovative impact-focused product launched with “The Easiest Volunteer Program” ad campaign – because when you drink Coors Seltzer you’re helping save the rivers.





The Impact They’re Making

In partnership with Coors Seltzer, Change the Course built a portfolio of restoration projects across the country that will help sustain healthy, flowing rivers. All projects deliver needed benefits to the rivers and surrounding areas.

Since mid-2020, Change the Course and Coors Seltzer have funded 36 restoration projects that have supported 24 river basins across 18 states, from the Hudson in New York to Wailua in Hawaii. Projects will be seen through to their completion.

We will continue to add projects to this list as the portfolio details are finalized.

Click here to learn about Coors Seltzer and Change the Course have partnered in Canada!

3 billion
of Water Will be Restored
Water Projects
River Basins